July 2018


New Higher Education Reporting Requirements

Reports Due to Legislature

Program/Initiative Legislationa Due Date
University of California (UC)
Equal employment opportunity activities BBL December 1, 2018
UC Riverside School of Medicine residency slots BBL January 1 each year until funds are exhausted
Plan to reduce nonresident enrollment SRL April 1, 2019
Systemwide programs and presidential initiatives TBL April 1 each year
General Fund reductions if enrollment is below budgeted levelsb BBL 30-day notification
UC Berkeley operating deficit BBL Prior to expenditure of 2018-19 Budget Act appropriation
General Fund for Agriculture and Natural Resources division if different than budgted levelb  BBL 30-day notification
California State University (CSU)
Graduation Initiative BBL January 15, 2019 and January 15, 2020
Enrollment growth allocation among campuses BBL Before spending funds
Local priority admission policies BBL May 1, 2019
Local priority admission policies and redirection TBL May 1, 2020 and annually thereafter
Tenure-track hiring BBL November 1, 2020 and biennially thereafter until funds are fully allocated
Hunger free campuses (UC and CSU) TBL February 15, 2019
UC and CSU General Fund if 2018-19 tuition were to increaseb BBL 30-day notification
Deferred maintenance (UC, CSU, and Hastings) BBL 30-day notification
Financial Aid
Cal Grant awards for private nonprofit schools (AICCU) TBL March 15 each year
Additional information on undergraduate financial aid programs (UC and CSU) TBL March 31 each year
Chafee Foster Youth Program (CSAC) TBLc Annually
Data on undergraduate admission tests (sponsors of tests) TBL November 15 each year
California Student Authors Program (State Library) TBL January 1, 2022
California Education Learning Laboratory (OPR) TBL Annually
a Unless otherwise noted, BBL refers to Chapter 29 of 2018 (SB 840, Committee on Budget), SRL refers to the Supplemental Report of the 2018-19 Budget Act, and TBL refers to Chapter 33 of 2018 (AB 1809, Committee on Budget).
b Director of Finance to report, not segments.
c Chapter 35 of 2018 (AB 1811, Committee on Budget).
BBL = budget bill language; SRL = supplemental reporting language; TBL = trailer bill language; AICCU = Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities; CSAC = California Student Aid Commission; OPR = Office of Planning and Research.
Also see "New Community College Reporting Requirements."