LAO 2008-09 Budget Analysis: Index by Department Item Number
Analysis of the 2008-09 Budget Bill
Index by Department Item Number

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4.44—Budget Balancing Reductions Control Section

0250—Judicial Branch

0250—Judicial Branch, Capital Outlay 

0520—Secretary for Business, Transportation and Housing 

0552—Office of the Inspector General 

0650—Office of Planning and Research 

0690—Office of Emergency Services 

0820—Department of Justice 

0845—Department of Insurance 

0850—California State Lottery Commission 

0855—California Gambling Control Commission 

0860—Board of Equalization 

1730—Franchise Tax Board 

1870—Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board 

1900—CalPERS—Pension Contributions 

1920—California State Teachers’ Retirement System 

2320—Department of Real Estate 

2660—Department of Transportation 

2665—High–Speed Rail Authority 

2720—California Highway Patrol 

2740—Department of Motor Vehicles 

3340—California Conservation Corps 

3360—Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission 

3540—Department of Forestry and Fire Protection 

3600—Department of Fish and Game 

3640—Wildlife Conservation Board 

3720—California Coastal Commission 

3790—Department of Parks and Recreation 

3860—Department of Water Resources 

3900—Air Resources Board 

3940—State Water Resources Control Board 

4200—Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs 

4260—Department of Health Care Services 

4265—Department of Public Health 

4280—Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board 

4300—Developmental Services 

4440—Department of Mental Health 

5175—Department of Child Support Services 

5180—California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids 

5180—Child Welfare Services 

5180—Community Care Licensing 

5180—County Administration and Automation Projects 

5180—Foster Care 

5180—In–Home Supportive Services 

5180—Supplemental Security Income/ State Supplementary Program 

5225—Department of Corrections And Rehabilitation 

5225—Adult Correctional Health Services 

5225—Adult Corrections 

5225—Department of Corrections And Rehabilitation, Capital Outlay 

5225—Juvenile Justice 

6100—Adult Education 

6100—After School Programs 

6100—Child Care and Development 


6100—Federal Funds 

6100—Introduction: K-12 Education

6100—Introduction: Proposition 98

6100—K–12 Categorical Reform 

6100—K–12 Mandates 

6100—Per–Pupil Funding 

6100—Proposition 98 Priorities 

6100—Proposition 98 Technical Update 

6100—School Facilities 

6100—Special Education 

6440—University of California 

6610—California State University 

6870—California Community Colleges 

7100—Employment Development Department 

7350—Department of Industrial Relations 

7980—California Student Aid Commission 

8380—Department of Personnel Administration

8770—Electricity Oversight Board 

8880—Financial Information System for California 

8885—Commission on State Mandates 

8940—Military Department 

9100—Tax Relief 

9650—Health and Dental Benefits For Annuitants 

9800—Augmentation for Employee Compensation