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The 2022-23 California Spending Plan: Judiciary and Criminal Justice

Sep 23, 2022 - The budget also requires DOJ submit a report assessing the program by April 2023. $2.3 million in 2022-23 (decreasing to $1.6 million annually beginning in 2023-24) for continued implementation of Chapter 326 of 2020 (AB 1506, McCarthy).

Assessing the Provision of Criminal Indigent Defense

Sep 22, 2022 - As shown in Figure  11 , in  2018 ‑19, arrests per attorney in 25 of 32 district attorney offices clustered between 201 to 400. Arrests per attorney in public defender offices reflected greater variation across counties, with 24 of 32 public defender offices reporting ranging between 201 to 500 arrests.

The 2022-23 Budget: Department of Justice Proposals

Feb 11, 2022 - The Governor ’s 2022 ‑23 budget includes $52  million to support BOF —$20  million from the General Fund and $32  million from various special funds. (We  note that the 2021 ‑22 budget included a one ‑time $10.3  million General Fund augmentation for grants to county sheriff offices to assist with the removal of firearms and ammunition from prohibited  persons.)

The 2021-22 Spending Plan: Judiciary and Criminal Justice

Oct 6, 2021 - This amount consists of the following: $65  million annually for five years associated with 20 administrative fees eliminated by Chapter  92 of 2020 (AB  1869, Committee on Budget) as of July 2021. These fees are generally related to arrest and booking, indigent criminal defense, and alternative to incarceration programs.

Improving Parolee Substance Use Disorder Treatment Through Medi-Cal

Apr 14, 2021 - CDCR has estimated that out of the total inmate population of about 112, 000 i nmates in 2019 ‑20, 67  p ercent had a substance use disorder and 32  p ercent could potentially benefit from MAT. CDCR ‑Funded Contracts Provide SUDT to Parolees As previously mentioned, people released from prison after serving a term for a serious or violent offense are generally supervised in the

The 2021-22 Budget: Overview of the Governor's Budget

Jan 10, 2021 - The Governor proposes $11.7  million one-time General Fund to trial courts for the implementation of the Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020 (Chapter  37 of 2020 [AB  3088, Chiu]).

The 2020-21 Spending Plan: Judiciary and Criminal Justice

Oct 22, 2020 - This includes $5.9  million one-time General Fund in 2020 ‑21 (and $8.3  million one time in 2021 ‑22) to expedite implementation of new firearm precursor parts regulatory requirements enacted by Chapter  730 of 2019 (AB  879, Gipson).

The 2020-21 Budget: Criminal Justice Proposals

Feb 18, 2020 - The 2019 ‑20 Budget Act provides about $ 32  m illion for all MCRP facilities at an average cost of about $50, 000 p er bed (including contract and administrative costs). Evaluation of MCRP ’s Effectiveness Forthcoming.

The 2019-20 Budget: California Spending Plan—Judiciary and Criminal Justice

Oct 17, 2019 - The budget includes $4.4  million from the Gambling Control Fund for two years to continue 32 existing positions intended to reduce the backlog of licensing applications from cardrooms and third-party providers.

The 2019-20 Budget: Analysis of Governor's Criminal Justice Proposals

Feb 19, 2019 - After the department is able to demonstrate that the proposal would result in savings as described above, we would recommend that the Legislature approve the requested $ 32  m illion for vehicle replacement.

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