California Economy and Taxes

Monthly Jobs Report May 21, 2024

Preliminary reporting from California businesses suggest the state added 5,200 jobs in April, while the March figure was revised downward from 28k jobs to 18k jobs. Although businesses continue to report modest hiring, an alternative measure of the state's labor market has shown monthly job losses since last summer. The state's unemployment rate remained at 5.3 percent. 

Annual Revision Shows State Added Few Jobs Last Year March 13, 2024

Each year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revises the state's jobs number to match actual payroll records from businesses. The latest revision lowered its count of California jobs by 1.5 percent. The corrected data show that the state added just 50,000 jobs between September 2022 and September 2023, while preliminary monthly reports had showed the labor market growing by more than 300,000 jobs. 

Updated Unemployment Insurance Fund Forecast Shows Structural Deficit January 16, 2024

The administration's most recent Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund forecast shows that UI benefit payments will exceed state payroll tax receipts by $1.7 billion in 2024, after surpassing receipts by $1.3 billion in 2023. As a result, the state's outstanding UI loan from the federal government is set to increase over the next two years, despite automatic employer payroll tax increases to repay the loan. 

Holiday Hiring Sluggish January 3, 2024

October and November holiday season retail job growth remained relatively weak for the second year in a row. One plausible explanation for this weakness might be the continued transition to online holiday shopping, but transportation and warehousing jobs (where goods and packaged and delivered) has also been sluggish this holiday season.

Newest Early Revision Suggests State Saw No Job Gains Over 9-month Period December 14, 2023

A newly released "early benchmark" of the official state jobs figures shows that payroll jobs remained essentially flat from September 2022 through June 2023, whereas the soon-to-be-revised official state tally showed growth of 2.1 percent over that period. This amounts to a 9-month job gain of just 6k, compared to the unbenched of 282k jobs. 

July 2022 Jobs Report August 22, 2022

California added 84,800 jobs in July, about twice the level of recent months. Job gains for June were revised upward as well, from 19k to 37k.

June 2022 Jobs Report July 25, 2022

California businesses added 19,900 jobs in June, about half as much as recent months and the slowest gain since last September.

May 2022 Jobs Report June 20, 2022

California businesses added 42,900 net jobs in May (seasonally adjusted), about the same as April and another month of slower job growth than seen in the past year.

April 2022 Jobs Report May 20, 2022

California employers added 41,400 net jobs in April (seasonally adjusted), the smallest net gain in the past six months. 

March 2022 Jobs Report May 11, 2022

California employers added 60,200 jobs net jobs March (seasonally-adjusted), a 4.2 percent increase on an annual basis. 

December 2021 Jobs Report January 24, 2022

California employers added 50,700 net jobs in December, representing annualized growth of 3.6 percent. 

October 2021 Jobs Report November 19, 2021

California employers added 96,800 net jobs in October, the highest monthly figure since July.

September 2021 Jobs Report October 22, 2021

California employers added an estimated net 47,400 jobs in September, the smallest monthly gain since January.

August 2021 Jobs Report September 17, 2021

California employers added 104,300 net new jobs in August, a strong showing despite the national slowdown.

July 2021 Jobs Report August 20, 2021

California employers created an estimated 114,400 net jobs in July, the biggest gain since February.