Income Tax Withholding Tracker: September 1 - September 24 September 24, 2021

The California income tax withholding surge continues, as September collections to date are 23.5 percent above last September.

August 2021 State Tax Collections September 20, 2021

Through the first two months of the 2021-22 fiscal year, collections from the state’s three largest taxes are running 20 percent ($3.6 billion) ahead of budget projections. 

2021-22 “Big Three” Revenue Outlook Update: September 2021 September 20, 2021

Based on the most recent revenue and economic data, we currently project that there is a strong chance that collections from the state’s “big three” taxes will exceed the budget act assumption of $170 billion in 2021-22. 

A New Method For Current Year Revenue Forecasting September 20, 2021

We discuss our new model which provides a monthly update of our forecast of current year collections from the state’s “big three” taxes. 

Income Tax Withholding Tracker: August 1 - August 27 September 7, 2021

California income tax withholding remained very strong in August, coming in nearly 20 percent above August 2020.

August 2021 Cap-and-Trade Auction Update August 26, 2021

August 2021 auction generates over $1.1 billion in state revenue.

Cannabis Tax Revenue Update August 23, 2021

Preliminary tally of 2020-21 cannabis tax revenue: $817 million.

Income Tax Withholding Tracker: July 1 - July 23 July 23, 2021

Income tax withholding from July 1 to July 23 was 17.8 percent above the same dates in 2020.

Income Tax Withholding Tracker: June 1-June 25 June 25, 2021

California income tax withholding continues to surge, as June collections to date are nearly 25 percent above last June.

Examining California's Income Tax Withholding Growth by Sector June 9, 2021

The state's surprisingly strong growth in income tax withholding has been led by high-tech sectors, but many other sectors are showing big gains as well.

Cannabis Tax Revenue Update June 2, 2021

The administration currently estimates that retail excise tax revenue was $132 million and cultivation tax revenue was $31 million in the third quarter of fiscal year 2020-21 (January through March).

Income Tax Withholding Tracker: May 1 - May 28 May 28, 2021

California income tax withholding in May was 29.4 percent above last May, when serious pandemic restrictions were in effect.

May 2021 Cap-and-Trade Auction Update May 28, 2021

Preliminary results from the most recent quarterly cap-and-trade auction held on May 19, 2021 show the state receiving an estimated $916 million in revenue. 

March 2021 State Tax Collections April 28, 2021

March collections from the state’s three largest taxes—the personal income tax, corporation tax, and sales tax—exceeded projections by $2.5 billion (30 percent).

Income Tax Withholding Tracker: April 1 - April 26 April 26, 2021

California income tax withholding collections to date in April are up 30.3 percent over April 2020, and collections to date in fiscal year 2020-21 are up 11.9 percent over 2019-20.