California Economy and Taxes

The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment December 15, 2016

We discuss one of the most widely debated and heavily studied aspects of minimum wages: their effects on employment.

California's New Minimum Wage: An Introduction to the Series December 6, 2016

This post is an introduction to our blog series on California's new minimum wage.

California's New Minimum Wage: Statewide Minimum Wage Increasing in January December 6, 2016

We discuss the statewide minimum wage increase that will occur on January 1, 2017.

California's New Minimum Wage: Low-Wage Workers by Region December 6, 2016

We discuss how the low-wage share of workers varies across California's regions.

California's New Minimum Wage: Who are California's Low-Wage Workers? December 6, 2016

We discuss various characteristics of California's low-wage workers.

California's New Minimum Wage: Low-Wage Workers' Family Sizes & Incomes December 6, 2016

We discuss California low-wage workers' family sizes and incomes.

May Revision 2016: Economic Outlook May 15, 2016

We discuss the state's economic outlook, including the administration's assessment of the near-term economic outlook in the Governor's May Revision to his 2016-17 budget proposal.