Building Permits Update: June 2018 August 3, 2018

A brief look at housing permit data for June 2018. 

Building Permits Update: May 2018 July 5, 2018

A brief look at housing permit data for May 2018.

Building Permits Update: April 2018 June 5, 2018

A brief look at housing permit data for April 2018. 

Looking at the Early Effects of Federal Tax Changes on Housing May 4, 2018

We look at housing market data from early 2018 for signs of any dramatic shifts that could indicate that recent federal tax changes are impacting California's housing markets. 

Bay Area Home Prices Looking a Little Hot May 3, 2018

We look at recent trends in home price growth and find that home prices in several Bay Area counties seem to be getting a little out of line with underlying demand for housing. 

Building Permits Update: March 2018 May 3, 2018

A brief look at housing permit data from March 2018.

Building Permits Update: February 2018 April 2, 2018

A brief look at housing permit data from February 2018.

Census Bureau Poverty Statistics Published September 12, 2017

According to the Supplemental Poverty Measure, which considers the cost of housing and other factors, California's poverty levels are much higher than in the rest of the country.

Recent Trends in Housing Affordability June 22, 2017

We look at recent trends in housing affordability in some of California's largest metropolitan regions.

How Will Aging Baby Boomers Affect Future Property Tax Revenues? June 20, 2017

A coming surge in home sales by aging homeowners should boost local government property tax collections. These gains, however, are likely to be offset by an increase in the transfer of homes from parents to children which, unlike most home sales, does not trigger higher tax payments.

A Look at Recent Progress Toward Statewide Housing Goals December 15, 2016

Most coastal counties are meeting or nearly meeting their production goals. On the flip side, home building in the state’s inland areas has fallen short of targets. Rather than suggesting that home building levels are sufficient in California’s coastal areas, the fact that permitting has kept pace with targets in these areas may suggest that these production goals do not reflect the full extent of demand for housing in these areas. Production goals likely need to be higher if the high cost of and intense competition for housing in these areas is to be curbed.

Housing and Economic Mobility October 10, 2016

One perhaps underappreciated consequence of lackluster homebuilding in coastal California is that many workers are denied access to California’s high-wage job markets because they are unable to find housing. These workers are pushed to other parts California or beyond where their wages tend to be lower.

Poverty in California: Recently Released Census Data September 13, 2016

We discuss a new Census Bureau report on state poverty rates, including its Research Supplemental Poverty Measure.

Data on Real Income Growth Trends by Percentile, 1990-2014 September 6, 2016

We discuss a new piece, published in a major national publication, that uses Census Data to examine changes in real incomes by percentile at the state level between 1990 and 2014.

May Revision 2016: Economic Outlook May 15, 2016

We discuss the state's economic outlook, including the administration's assessment of the near-term economic outlook in the Governor's May Revision to his 2016-17 budget proposal.