Voluntary Contribution Tax "Check-Offs" March 4, 2020

This post describes recent tax filers' contributions to Voluntary Contribution Funds. 

January 2020 State Tax Collections February 27, 2020

We discuss monthly collections from the state's three largest taxes. 

November 2019 State Tax Collections December 18, 2019

We discuss monthly collections from the state's three largest taxes. 

October 2019 State Tax Collections December 9, 2019

We discuss October 2019 State Tax Collections

Fiscal Outlook: Focus on Revenues November 20, 2019

We discuss our near-term and out-year revenue estimates in our new Fiscal Outlook for California. 

September 2019 State Tax Collections October 18, 2019

We discuss September 2019 state tax collections.

August 2019 State Tax Collections September 23, 2019

We discuss August 2019 state tax collections.

Evaluating Tax Expenditures August 29, 2019

We explain our approach to evaluating tax expenditures. 

July 2019 State Tax Collections August 23, 2019

We discuss July 2019 state tax collections.

June 2019 State Tax Collections July 30, 2019

We discuss June 2019 and fiscal year 2018-19 state tax collections.

April 2019 State Tax Collections May 21, 2019

We discuss April 2019 state tax collections.

How Uncertain Are Capital Gains Revenue Estimates? May 20, 2019

We examine historical patterns of financial markets to gauge the range of possible outcomes for capital gains revenue in 2018-19 and beyond. 

April 2019: Personal Income Tax Tracker May 1, 2019

Daily updates of April personal income tax collections.

March 2019 State Tax Collections April 22, 2019

We discuss March 2019 state tax collections.

February 2019 State Tax Collections March 25, 2019

We discuss February 2019 state tax collections.